MTB in and around Verbier

MTB in and around Verbier

Biking in Verbier is exciting with well-marked trails for mountain bikes, e-bikes and road bikes. There are guided bike tours, gourmet bike tours, easy routes for families on flat terrain and some very steep downhill runs for the more advanced riders.

There are 17kms of tracks, ramps and jumps and the Verbier Bike Park has firmly established the resort as one of the capitals of downhill cycling in Switzerland. Runs like ‘Tire’s Fire’ or ‘Tû çuci’ guarantee thrills!

We took our MTB’s and rode from Verbier to the neighbouring resort of Le Tzoumaz, finding a nice Buvette for lunch along the way. In Summer the ski lifts are adapted for bikes which makes it easy to cover uphill terrain quickly. There are many circular routes and this ride had an incredible long downhill section through Alpine pastures and forested areas, over bridges and streams.

What goes down always goes up and after reaching Le Tzoumaz, the climb starts. First on a small road that tracks around the mountain, and after a while this becomes a track and just when you really feel that you’ve had enough uphill there’s a tricky uphill through a field. The glory comes as you top out and start the descent back to Verbier from Gentianes and can finally freewheel although the top section is rocky with loose stones before smoother land enables a quicker descent. Our ride was 62km long with 3,000m of elevation goal.

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