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  1. The Matterhorn has a magical attraction. Shaped like a pyramid and known as the King of mountains, it is Switzerland’s most famous landmark, standing at a height of 4,478 metres. This most photographed mountain in the world is a symbol of mythology and folklore for Alpinists. First climbed by Edward Whymper of 14 July 1865, today climbers will regularly ascend the Matterhorn with the help of expert mountain guides and accurate weather forecasting.
  2. Zermatt is open all year round for a range of mountain and sports activities. Zermatt is fabulous for skiing all year round with many possibilities covering Switzerland and Italy and with glacier skiing in summer. There are many scenic hiking routes accessible from the village. There is a high altitude golf course; extensive mountain biking and fabulous hiking with sightseeing with the Matterhorn as a backdrop for almost every photograph!
  3. Wide range of excellent restaurants, bars and cafés in the village. Excellent restaurants on the surrounding mountains. Cuisine to suit all tastes as well as young and old. One of our favourite mountain restaurants is Chez Vrony!
  4. Variety of festivals and cultural activities throughout the year. Highlights include the Zermatt Unplugged music festival in April with artists like Norah Jones and Jesse J; folklore and food festivals in summer; the Zermatt Music Festival and Academy in September.
  5. Most helpful website for fact finding and general information about Zermatt is provided by Zermatt Tourism.
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